Italy on a Budget

I have traveled to Italy many times- each time learning more about the culture, the places, the food, the wine and the language. I am often asked by friends  for ideas, suggestions of places to visit, where to stay, and how to get to these places. I am always delighted to help because each time I share these experiences I feel as tho I am revisiting Italy with them. I always tend to make each session of information into a mini book which is always warmly welcomed. This passion and experience has inspired me to write this blog as it excites me to share my love of Italy with anyone who is interested.

23 thoughts on “Italy on a Budget”

  1. Lyn, do you take groups to Italy? I have some contacts who may be interested.
    Thanks, Denise PS Your Blog set up is fantastic!

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  3. Lyn
    Thanks for introducing me to the world of blogging. Heading off to Italy soon … love your tips. I live on the north coast so appreciate your photos. Could you help me please? I’ve started a blog for family, similar to yours but can’t work out how to have continuous scrolling. Mine keeps going to next or previous posts – any simple suggestions? Many thanks. Lea

  4. Sandra O'Neill said:

    Hi Lyn, love your blog you sound so passionate about Italy which I know you are. Sorry I missed you at Derice’s last week but I hope you have a wonderful trip and say hi to Yvonne for me I bet she is enjoying herself.
    Sandra (Derice’s frined)

  5. I can fully understand. I’ve just moved here from Australia for 12 months :-)

  6. How wonderful. 12 months in Italy would be heaven for me

  7. I think Italy is calling me to visit.

  8. Hey Lyn! Have you ever visited Sicily? You shouldn’t miss this beautiful island where you can see a great combination of culture and natural beauties :)

  9. Ironeye-travel said:

    After reading your blog I’ve grown more interest in visiting Italy. Che bello!

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