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My next trip to Italy was for a stay of 3 months.  For the first 4 weeks of that trip I stayed in a lovely village called Castelraimondo, which is a commune  (municipality) in the Province of Macerata  in the Italian region Marche. This is where I attended Italian Language School.

The School in Castelraimondo

I had never entertained the idea of going back to school but once I had made the decision, I was so excited to go. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I almost felt like a 5 year old looking forward to my first day at school. It was 4 fabulous weeks. The cost of the 4 weeks covered my 4 weeks of tuition, my accommodation, many excursions including half day outings and also weekends away. There were many nights of entertainment including film nights, pizza and gelato night, karaoke night, international dinner night plus nights out with my new school friends.  I stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment which was at the school and I shared with a lady from Brazil. The school was a 1 minute walk from the apartment. There was a great super market (supermercado) about 2 mins from the school plus a bar and café.  We went to the bar every day in our break (pausa) for a cappuccino and to catch our breath.

The School and apartments at Castelraimondo